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Santander Bank has unveiled Santander® Enterprise Payment Link (EPL)


Santander Bank has unveiled Santander® Enterprise Payment Link (EPL), a robust, host-to-host payment initiation channel and client access portal to track and report on wire, ACH, and check payments to suppliers, customers, and employees.
Following the successful launch of Santander Treasury Link, Santander Enterprise Payment Link further automates payment processing while improving end-to-end transaction transparency and control.
“Santander Enterprise Payment Link is another example of our continuing investments in delivering valuable solutions as a trusted advisor and life-cycle financial partner that is committed to helping every client prosper,” said Robert Rubino, Santander Bank’s co-president and head of Commercial Banking. “Santander Enterprise Payment Link enables clients to streamline their payables process in an efficient and secure manner so that they can better serve customers and focus on more strategic activities.”

Santander Enterprise Payment Link features include:
 Initiating ACH, wire, and paper check payments all through a single, secure file transmission
 Accessing a single source for all host-to-host payment initiations and acknowledgements, providing real-time status online, including automated acknowledgement emails and payment status texts
 Improving cash forecasting by systematically supporting existing payment scheduling disciplines
 Enhancing audit control and payment tracing through a comprehensive query and reporting tool
“We designed Santander Enterprise Payment Link based on conversations with our clients, incorporating their ideas on how best to streamline their payment process,” said Ken Deveaux, managing director and head of transaction banking.
“This innovative payments solution allows clients to accelerate moving from costly, error-prone manual to automated processing”

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